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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ball-Movement (a life size Fussball interactive sculpture)

Ball-Movement, is an interactive sculpture project that Mike Benevento and I dreamed of making back in December 2008.  We talked about this project in Tacos (Holy-Freeholies, a Mexican grill restaurant/bar) where we often go for Margaritas on Monday nights, since its half off.  We presented this project at the Transmodern Festival 2009, and it was a giant fireball of fun.  This project could happen, because of this great city, Baltimore, and the people who lives here.  When I expressed incompetent ability to produce anything Linen to Elke, she suggested to seek advise from Risa Ono and Melanie Lester.  Mike, Risa and I further tweeking the design of the harness to fit both functionality and economy.  Without Risa and Melanie’s zealous work ethic, our project would not have been completed within a month of deadline.  Mean while, knowing that graphic element (a mural) would be a necessary component to the piece, with less than three weeks away, we have to produce about 70 ft by 4 ft area worth of images with all left over paints since our budget was $200.  I turned to my workstudies at my day job, MICA.  These students are the definition of Awsome.  They not only offered energy, but most importantly motivated Mike and I to keep working.  Their enthusiasm is the reason why this impossible task at first it seems, is overcome within such a short duration of time.  My dear friends, Elke Wardlaw, Eamon Espey, Lisa Kraufe, John Bohl, Emanuel Nicolaidis, Stev, Jeff McGrath, Martin Kasey and Kien Nguyen, all contributed with their uttermost support physically, mentally, spiritually, mind and body 100 percent, moving at the same pace, reading on the same page, all together a manifestation of Love and Friendship.  In addition, Adam Montegeau, Monique Crabb, Madlen Poole, Erin Gleeson, and Andrew Schenker lended Mike and I their true sincere help.  It was an experience and thrill of a life time.

All images provided by Michael Benevento and Monique Crabb.

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