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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strange Grip

I am scared of sewing.  In 2008, I visited Berlin.  I ate too much sausage, the button on my pants pop off and flew away like an UFO.  In Turkish market, my friend Elke, suggested in acquiring some new buttons to replace the ones that have fled back to mothership.  Trying sewing these back on was a nightmare.  Elke, sew it back on for me.  For the longest time, I sit back and admire people who makes soft sculptures.  One of my all time heroes is Jenny Strunge of Baltimore.  In 2005, I made my living as a security guard at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and I saw her senior thesis project at the Mount Royal Station building, that moment, I made a determination, one day, I would like to have my work come alive as 3d, soft and friendly, approachable for all bodies.  This daring attempt stayed in the back of my head, poking its sharp needle when I am asleep, pinch my butt cheeks when I am on the toilet, interrupted my bites when I am chumping down that burrito, stuttered my speech when I am telling her that she is the most beautiful person in the world.  As soon as I got back from Berlin, I went to my friend Risa Ono.  Risa educated me from ground zero the mechanics of a sewing machine.  Risa taught me to wind the bobbing, Risa taught me to back that thang up to lock the stitch, Risa lend me her machine further familiarize the structure of this complicated monster.  Gradually, I learned to familiarize the machine, its shape, its texture, and I talk to it every day and night until I returned it back to her.  When John Bohl asked to do a show last year at Nudashank, my ambition was boiling to a point where I thought it was time to unleash this daring attempt.  Two months away from the opening, running out of time, and unwilling to gave in, I turned to some people who was introduced to me by reliable intelligence sources.  Annie Gray, a wizard of faux finish who is closely linked with the Legion of Arts and Crafts, told me about a Cat Charmer by the name of Joanna Fields.  Chloe Maratta, fifth vertebrae of the Current Space, told me about a Zhuge Liang of all information by the name of Ellen Paul.  I went to them without fear.  Ellen Paul suggested another talent, a woman who has 8 arms, on each hand, 10 fingers, each fingers grows sub-fingers who weaves faster than a shooting star, by the name of Anna Crooks.  And, before the process began, I took my ideas to my hero, Jenny Strunge.  She welcomed my idea with two wide open arms, full of grace and hope, released a ray of informational advises from her eyeballs and mouth that over exposed the dark side of every shadow of my doubtful heart.  Brought everything to the foreground, Butt Naked!  All together, we tight the knot!

Two installations.  Mesmerized by the drawings of Albrect Durer, I decided to make a Constellation installation of my own, of my own likings.  Captivated by the love and loyalty of my pet, Bling Bling (a feline), I decided to make a life-size sculpture of him of his doings to my model like leg from day to day bases.

The making of these two project is an experience that I will never forget.  The fact is that, the fire Will flame, as long as one blows hard on those hot amber!

Details of the show could be viewed here.  Follow the link.  Thank you Alex and Seth of Nudashank, Baltimore,  for making it happen!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yoga in the Zoo

Yoga is the new Aerobic, Tae Bo.  Animals could do it too.  They do it in the Zoo.  This painting is on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art from September 7- October 1, 2011.  as part of the Baker Artist Awards 2011.

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