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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Double Dribble (8.11 – 9.5, 2010; The Wind-Up Space)

Jackie Singer was working with me at MICA when she dunk herself into the Tatoo industry.  Jackie always complained how broke she is, and we all know, working at MICA isn’t the remedy to that problem.  As soon as she advanced out of the novice level, she was banking dough fast like how fast a single ply goes through in on a number 2.  Stev and I would ask her questions about Tatooing.  We like how Tatoo looks, we don’t like to get tatooed.  I however, am open to possibilities.  Jackie asked if she could practice on one of us.  And I asked myself the question if….what would it be?  I want a Big Basketball!  Stev then suggested, one on each of my buttocks.  Double Dribble.
This installation is a surge of inspiration accumulated over the past year.  i waited until the idea is ripped and pump them all out in 3 months, with the help of Krysten Watson, Joanna Kopczyk, Maude Kasperzak, Emily Burtner, Bettina Yung, and Katie Rose, and many others.
The characters could stand alone as single entity, they however interacts with each other to form narrative.  They could be placed which ever, however, where ever way one desires, combo up with which ever other characters in the installation, and create a narrative on their own.  The way i arrange it, is the best way it makes sense to me.  This might not be the viewers perspective.
The characters comes in groupings.  For example.  Running Noses playing Football.  Skating Waves, Jumping Dolphins accompanies Poseidon and his Narwhal arrows on his campaign against Kraken Helicopter.  Appolusa Pegasus migrating as Hercules tries to lasso three fat Serpentine Felines.  Rabbits on a Trampoline.  Robo Cop Karate Flying Dragon on a Black Heart, Cactus, a Shoe, sad Caterpillar, while the Shaolin Monk who played a tie game of Tick-Tag-Toe with his six pack held these victims up right.  Mean Hand Girl and the Slapped Boys, she goes through them fast.  Huckfinn and his Booger Buddy just floating past by saying Hi.  Cockroach formed a Choir singing, “i don’t wanna wait, for our lives is over…” lol.

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