A Sad Tree

For Danielle Criqui who moved to L.A. in pursuit of higher education. A news broadcast said that wild fires are rampaging near L.A. . I hope you are well, friend.



Mom visited from Dallas with Olivia and Michael. This time I learned how to stew a fish with soy sauce and wine from her.



Sean visited from L.A. . Seeing Sean brought memories of good times we have had.


Acadia Trip

July 2019. My first time being in New England. Jordan, John, Noel and I namaste’d in Acadia for a week. An unforgettable time with special people.

For Polina

My first attempt to make a bend-able soft sculpture. Armature wire as skeleton, building muscle with foam and stuffing, finished with fabric skin. Polina named it Lily’s mother.