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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mole-Balls, Artscape 2010.

Mole-Balls was set up during Artscape ’10 on the Charles Bridge as part of the Midway exhibit.  Just like last year’s Human-Foosball, but this time, we present Mole-Balls.  After 3 days of intense performance, Mike and I have both agree that we should go back to school and get an engineering degree.  (Spinning the Cylinder by raw human power is insane!).  Below are 2 videos that summarizes what went on.  They are both shot beautifully and edited skillfully by our friend Nat Fowler.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Double Dribble, Opening Reception

Russell Decampo of the Wind-Up Space asked me to do something at his space back in December, 09.  At the time i was tied up with the Whack-A-Mole project.  But I thought that this could be an opportunity to do something i have never done before, and it could be nice.  A wall filled with madness, that i was just going to dump whatever comes to my mind on to it.  I want to thank my friends for giving me encouragements and support.  A couple of people who joined me through out the process of making this show happen,  Russell Decampo for providing a chance and a space, Lisa Krause and Eamon Espey for bringing me watermelons, Michael Benevento for providing reassurance to my confidence and rides to Home Depot, John Bohl for transportation and installation, Katie Rose for her ultra kindness, Bettina Yung for her dinners, Emily Burtner for her wonderful humor, Maude Kasperzak for her painting skills, Joanna Kopczyk for spending lots of time hanging out, Miranda Pfeiffer for good advises, Matt Lohry for liking my dinners and always a cheery attitude, and Krysten Watson to be there sticking up for me from the beginning until the very end, she provided very helpful advises and assistance.  The show is up from August 11th – September 11th, at The Wind-Up Space, 12 West North Avenue, in Baltimore City, Maryland, US of A.

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