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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Unelectrified Remote Village (reference)

This is a photo I took a year ago, in the Natural History Museum in New York City.  I will use this as a reference to create Yvetto’s album cover, Unelectrified Remote Village.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Human Pinball 2011

Mike Benevento and I completed Human Pinball for the Sondheim Semi-finalist show 2011 at MICA’s Meyerhoff Gallery during the Artscape festival.  So many people Mike and I owe hugs, kisses, beers, and slaps on the butt cheeks for.  John Bohl.  Martin Kasey.  Julianne Hamilton.  Jamal Johnson.  James Bouche.  Kim.  Cyle.  Skye Gilgerson.  Lou Joseph.  And Gerald Ross.

The piece is an interactive sculpture project.  Concept is to have people being inside a store front display window, and bounce the balloons with the flippers (like the flippers of a pin-ball machine) into the basket/ net.  Mean-while, there are air currents circulating the window box, causing the balloons to go berserk.  At a certain point of the game.  Children decided not to utilize the flippers, and went with their hands.  As Jeff Mcgrath said it, “The rule is, that there are no rules at all”.  We make the piece, you interact with it however you want.  Have Fun.  And Mike and I are satisfied.

Here is a write up by Doreen Bolger.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Progress in July

The paintings are done and Helmsmaned (clear cloated).  I would like to add a couple more people who helped me on the paintings.  Monique Crabb and Jeffery Mcgrath.

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