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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Board Game

The last time I attempted screen printing was about 12 years ago.  I thought its time to draw this sword out of its sheath.  But I found it to be rusty.  During the process of printing, I learned to respect all the people who practice this technique.  There are hidden rules, tips, tricks from 86′, unknown muscles getting excercised, and pressure points getting ‘Chi-Gong’ed.  One could only understand by experience and not the words of mouth nor ink.  The concept of this project, is to make a board game utilizing the technique of screen printing and furthermore an encouragement for the audience to touch the pieces, interact with other players and the game board, play with the characters, cards and money that were all hand printed.  The concept was developed by myself and Dre Britton.  The game board was printed at the Dolphin Press by myself and Nicole Rodriques.  The stencils were on true-grain provided by James Bouche, drawn by myself. The screens were borrowed from Jordan Bernier, John Bohl and Monique Crabb. The screens were burned by myself, John Bohl and Lou Joseph.  The transportation was made possible from the generosity of John Bohl who lent me his car for an entire day.  The rest of the project was printed at Current Space.

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