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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Earlier this year, Monique, Mike and I were talking about growing up, getting old, how to be rich but not lame, drink the same amount of beer and keep a sexy physique, party like its 1999 and not feel the hurt as much as 5 years ago.  etc.  We talked about some of the grown up activities such as, eating cheese and drinking wine, putting together jig-saw puzzles and gossiping, scrap booking, recycling and gardening, book clubbing, redoing the kitchen cabinets, stamp collecting and playing Bingo.

We have decided to put together an exhibition, that is, a game of Bingo.

Bingo is a slow process, and could rather be boring.  To make this exhibition meaningful, exciting, and rewarding, we decided to zero in on the prizes and the art.  The prizes should be attractive, they are useful, and desirable for everyone.  The art should carry the same.  The difference between the two, is Practicality. For example, my mother would be so happy if she Bingoed, and won a print(art) by me; my mother would do a back flip if she Bingoed, and won two $40 gift certificate to Stang of Siam(an awesome Thai restaurant in Baltimore), so she could take my father out on a hot date.  Does this mean the main focus of the entire Bingo experience is depended on the prizes?  It might seem that way from a bird eye view.  However, the cards, the lighting, the seating arrangements, the visual, the sounds, the smell, all these little things adds up to garnish those prizes, making the prizes actually rewarding.  In another words, and actually, the prizes are the garnishment for everything else in the exhibition.

The art that we were exhibiting in Bingo could be sum up to three categories.  Contributions from invited artists, visuals of the exhibition, and the performance.  25 artists responded to our invitation, they made all kinds of Bingo cards ranging from drawings, computer manipulated images, collages, cut outs, eye ball confusing illusions, etc.  These designs were all treated with uttermost respect, and meticulously silk screen printed, cut & trimmed down, separated and grouped by color and artists names.  Each participating artist were given a print portfolio of the Bingo card designs as reward.  The visuals of this show were designed to enhance, and to entice the gaming experience.  They were designed by Michael Benevento and myself under the consultancy of the exhibition team.  These images include the number board, the giant pizza randomizer, the giant checks and the giant free admission tickets.  They were painted on masonite boards with thrown away and oops paint we have salvaged and collected.  The performance aspect of this exhibition was carried out by our veteran sound crew.  Martin Kasey who created soundtrack to the game, stev santallian who provided sound effects and Jeff Mcgrath MC’ed brilliantly through out the weekend.  The audio and performance infused life into Bingo.

We approached our favorite local businesses, musicians, artists for donations of gift certificates, vouchers, or anything they could give, to be the prizes for this show.  We want to bridge our audience and the donors.  Letting people know that this exhibition is made possible by the support of these awesome businesses and people and further help spread the word to go check them out.

I just want to credit a few people here on their relentless energy and desire that helped make this entire show a pleasant experience.  John Bohl and Annie Gray, you missed Batman IV on burrito night, yo.  Devin Martin and Kim Te, ain’t that Chinese food place awesome!  we gotta go back.  Kat Kinnick and Grace Davis, there are new flavors added in Tutti Frutti, I be eatin!  Anne Rochelle and Mariam Cooper, yes, looking good does make things go a Whole Lot easier.  James Bouche and Flannery silva, we gon print counterfeit money next, silk screen, you in?  big bling!  Bao and Johnny, don’t pho-get we have to go get Bahmi pho-realz.  Julianne Hamilton and Katie, I would eat an extra slice eventho I ain’t hungry, because its free, and that made me felt real good!  Genesis Cespo and Nicole Rodrigues, thanks for coming to save us on saturday!  Laure Draguol, thank you for helping us on the permit!  Marian Glebes, thank you for the tables.  And lastly, skye mcneill for holding down on the prints with major authority!  respek!   And offcourse, Jeff Mcgrath on the mic, Martin Kasey on sound track, and stev santallian on sound effect, Mike Benevento and Monique Crabb on another fun project!

Watch Video Here!

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